Automatic Arts shop photo



Automatic Arts is located at the foot of the bay bridge in Oakland, California, central to the San Francisco Bay Area. We are proud to be part of a resurgence in domestic manufacturing. Our quality, flexibility, and quick lead times cannot be matched by overseas producers.

Because of our unique history, we speak the same language as our clients and provide an unexpected level of service. Before opening Automatic Arts, we spent 10 years producing and distributing a consumer products brand that was sold in hundreds of stores worldwide, including Design Within Reach, SF Moma, The Gardener, and Uncommon Goods. In the beginning, we outsourced all manufacturing, but as time went on we found that it was more efficient to do production work in-house. In fact, we enjoyed this side of the business so much that in 2015 we decided to focus full-time on providing our services to other companies and creators. It has been an exciting three years and we look forward to many more.