In order to give you a quote or begin a laser or die cutting project we need VECTOR LINE DRAWING of the shapes you need cut. We cannot begin work with a hand drawing or an image file such as a JPEG, GIF, etc. However, we can usually get an idea of what your project involves with even the most basic sketch, and we can help you create the proper vector line file if necessary.

Please read the following guidelines and apply necessary changes to your drawings before submitting them to us:

  • Vector line files types accepted: DXF, DWG, AI, or PDF.
  • Specify whether your drawing is in imperial or metric units and make sure the drawing is accurately scaled. If you are unsure of scale then include dimension markings.
  • Please scale drawing in inches or mm rather than points, cm, etc.
  • Cut lines must be clearly differentiated from score and/or perforation lines by line color. Please label on the drawing.
  • Remove all hidden layers, lines, text, etc. - show only cut lines. Any hidden layers will import into our laser software and have to be removed.
  • If you have multiple shapes to cut, please include these in one large drawing file rather than submitting many individual files.
  • If you are working with a specific raw material size and require a certain cut orientation or yield, please draw a border representing that size and nest your cut shapes within that border.
  • No compound paths or clipping masks – include only paths to be cut (Adobe Illustrator).
  • All text fonts must be converted to outlines (Adobe Illustrator).