Die Cutting



Die cutting is the fastest, most economical, and cleanest way to cut large quantities from materials such as leather, rubber, felt, fabric, paper, cardboard, and thin wood and plastic. Please see our MATERIALS GUIDE for more information on what we can provide for your job.

The smallest shape we can die cut is about 1”x1”, and the largest is about 60”x20”. We can die cut material up to a few inches thick. While we have no strict minimum order, die cutting is best for runs of at least 200 pieces.


Custom cutting dies usually cost $50 to $500, depending on size and complexity, and take about a week to make. After producing the die, cutting is about 25 cents to $1 per piece, depending on material, size, and quantity. 

To receive a die cutting quote, first send us a drawing of the shape you would like cut (with dimensions), as well as the material and quantity that you wish to cut. See our FILE PREPARATION GUIDE to find out what kind of CAD drawing we need to begin a project.



PROJECT: Remix Paper Sculpture
MATERIAL: Colored Paper
PHOTO CREDIT: Sam Wick / Adobe

CLIENT: Lineaus Athletic Company
PROJECT: Footballs
MATERIAL: 1/8" Cowhide

CLIENT: laFortuna
PROJECT: Silver Clutch
MATERIAL: Metallic Fabric
PHOTO CREDIT: Nora Lowinsky

CLIENT: Yoga Joes
PROJECT: Custom Packaging
MATERIAL: 2" Egg Crate Foam

CLIENT: Thomson Linear Motion
PROJECT: Felt Washers
MATERIAL: 1/8" F-3 Industrial Felt

CLIENT: Wholesale Company
PROJECT: Custom Packaging
MATERIAL: C-flute Corrugated Cardboard

CLIENT: Modernbeast
PROJECT: Felt Cat Toys
MATERIAL: 3mm Wool Felt

CLIENT: Honour Brand
PROJECT: Ballcap Applique
MATERIAL: 1mm Wool Felt
PHOTO CREDIT: Honour Brand