Laser Cutting and Etching



Laser cutting is an excellent choice for both prototyping and mass production where quick design iteration or extremely detailed cutting is required. We can laser cut even the most complicated shapes and also surface-etch text or graphics.

Our lasers can cut pieces up to about 51"x35" and 1/2" thick from plastic, wood, fabric, leather, paper, cardboard, cork, felt, or rubber. Please see our MATERIALS GUIDE for more information on what we can provide for your job. Please note: we cannot laser cut metal.


We commonly work on large manufacturing jobs as well as prototyping and small creative projects. Our rate begins at  $100/hr (minimum 1 hr) and discounts with increased quantity. Please note that all laser jobs require at least 30 minutes of setup time.

To receive a laser cutting quote, first send us a CAD drawing of the design you would like to cut, the material you want to use and its thickness, and quantity of parts you need. See our FILE PREPARATION GUIDE to learn what type of drawing we need to begin a project.