CNC routing is an excellent choice for both prototyping and mass production of wood, plastic, composites, Dibond, and soft metals such as aluminum. We can also CNC knife cut thick foam, composites, felt, rubber, fabric, and leather. Our machine is capable of cutting out parts from flat stock, as well as milling a 3D surface.

We have a 3 axis / CNC combo router and knife cutter. Maximum cutting area and material size is about 83"x144". Maximum Z travel is about 8".


We commonly work on large manufacturing jobs as well as prototyping and small creative projects. Our rate begins at  $100/hr (minimum 1 hr) and discounts with increased quantity. Please note that most CNC jobs require at least one hour of setup time.

To receive a CNC cutting quote, first send us a CAD drawing of the design you would like to cut, the material you want to use and its thickness, and quantity of parts you need. See our FILE PREPARATION GUIDE to learn what type of drawing we need to begin a project.